Show Date
Saturday 17th March      -     Spring Show      
Saturday 16th June        -      Rose & Sweet Pea Show

Saturday 18th August    -      Flower & Produce Show

Some of the class winners at the Flower and Produce Show 2017

5 Stems Dahlias

3 spikes Gladioli

Floral Art
Dallying with Driftwood

Pot pelargonium

Lots of lovely vegetables

Some of the class winners at the Rose and Sweet Pea Show 2017

Mixed Flowers
     Mixed Flowers

Floral Art
          Floral Art

m,ixed roses
        Mixed Roses

sweet peas
   Mixed Sweet Peas

Some of theclass winners  Spring 2017

flower arrangement
Floral Art


Foliage plants
Foliage plants


mixed daffs
Mixed Narcissi - best horticultural exhibit


Shows are open to both members and non-members.

All shows are held at St. Marys Centre, Grassmere Close, Felpham, PO22 7NU between 2pm and 4.30pm. 

Categories for Classes vary between Shows.  Classes for the Rose and Sweet Pea Show include flowers, fruit and vegetables, pot plants and floral art.  The Spring Show and Flower & Produce Show not only include these but also cookery and preserves, photography, handicraft and children’s classes. 

The show secretary, Don Faircloth, can be contacted on 01243 587753 by anyone wanting to enter, receive a Show Schedule, or require any Show related questions answered.

There are various Challenge cups and trophies awarded in all three  Shows both for the various sections but also for "most points in show" -  the most prestigious being the Les Allatt Trophy.

The wet and windy weather immediately preceding show day had not affected the quality and range of exhibits that were on display, with nearly all classes being well represented.  The size and quality of the dahlia and gladioli exhibits were particularly impressive.   The winner of the best medium decorative dahlia class also took the prize for the best horticultural exhibit with 3 beautiful blooms of dahlia Kemora Sunset.  The winner of the best single gladioli was an excellent, very tall white stem with many fully developed blooms.
The standard of the floral art exhibits was exceptional with beautiful and innovative interpretations. The winner of the Oriental class, with an exotic arrangement of orchids also won the best exhibit in floral art, whilst the best of the ‘Big , Bold and Beautiful’ was a stunning arrangement of gladioli and hydrangeas.  The ‘Petite in a sea shell’ provided several very delicate and intricate exhibits.
Mixed foliage and mixed flower classes are always popular and this year was no exception with  a large number of very good quality exhibits in each class
The Pot Plant classes attracted a lot of entries with many interesting exhibits of both flowering and foliage plants.  The society’s internal competition, earlier in the year, for growing a regal pelargonium from a cutting, had sparked several entries in the pelargonium/geranium class.  The winner of the foliage plant was a particularly fine example of a tradescantia.  The best fuchsia in a pot was a magnificent example with a mass of beautiful flowers.
The fruit and vegetable classes were very well supported.  Several classes attracted multiple entries particularly runner beans, onions, tomatoes, courgettes, sweet corn and rhubarb.  The judge had a very difficult decision in differentiating between the entries in the cherry or plum tomato class in which all of the entries were of an excellent standard.
The arts and crafts entries saw an increase in the number of entries on previous years, with much skill in evidence in all of the handicrafts and excellent interpretations of the four subjects in the photography classes.
Home industries classes were a little lower than last year but the standard of the entries was excellent with mouth-watering exhibits of everything from  savoury quiches to Bakewell tarts, unfortunately, only the judge gets to taste everything! Jams, marmalades and curds were also well represented and looked extremely appetizing. 
There was also a lot of interest in the children’s classes, particularly in the vehicle made entirely from fruit and vegetables in the 3 to 7 years age group with the winner being a train of potatoes with carrots for wheels and loaded with grapes.  In the 8 – 14 year group the photograph of clouds attracted a large number of entries and the winner showed good skill in capturing the dramatic effect of sunlight filtering through the clouds.  The imagination demonstrated by all the children gives rise to great encouragement for the future.
The show was very well attended; the plant and cake stalls did a steady trade throughout the afternoon with the raffle and tombola attracting plenty of interest.

Plant stall
Plenty of good quality plants for sale all grown by our members

(to see a complete list of results, please click here)

On Saturday 17th June, the gloriously sunny weather was matched by a wonderful display of roses, sweet peas and other horticultural exhibits.  The roses were particularly spectacular with all classes well supported with many excellent exhibits.  The recent high winds may have taken their toll on the number of entries in both the rose and the sweet pea classes but fortunately new entrants were received in both classes and those exhibits that were staged were of a particularly high standard. 

The beautiful floral art displays were a joy to see with the winner of the ‘Wedding Day’ class being an absolutely stunning, two tiered arrangement of white roses and carefully selected foliage. The miniature class, ‘It’s a small world’ attracted a large number of entries with the first place being taken by an charming arrangement of small flowers and foliage on a base with small model ducks.

Many of the horticultural classes were won by new exhibitors and the prizes well distributed across a large number of exhibitors.  It was good to see several examples of unusual plants winning their respective classes;  stems of flowering bottle brush plants winning the ‘Three stems of flowering shrubs’ class and beautiful spider lilies taking first place in the ‘Three stems of any other flower’ class.  The bonsai class was won by an eye-catching bonsai fir which had no doubt taken many hours and years to reach its current condition, displayed on an equally eye-catching base
Amongst the vegetable classes the judge was faced with a particular dilemma in the ‘Any other vegetable’ class trying to distinguish  the better entry between a cauliflower and an entry of peas, both of which he considered to be flawless and which would both attract the same number of points.  In the end, the decision favoured the cauliflower since this was a named variety whereas the peas were not identified by name.  The strawberries were probably the most mouth-watering exhibits with the broad bean class attracting the most entries.

The ‘Hosta class’ attracted a large number of entries and within these entries was a wide variety of shapes and sizes of leaves the  displays of flowering shrubs and those of mixed foliage were both very well supported with many entries af a very high standard. The classes of pot plants produced great variety of size and shape including several beautiful orchids, many interesting cacti and succulents.


The ever popular Tombola with plenty of interesting prizes


(to see a complete list of results, please click here)

On a beautiful March day, an explosion of spring greeted visitors to the Felpham and Middleton Horticultural Society Spring Show.  Exhibits of all types of Daffodils, from the magnificent golden yellow trumpet varieties to the dainty miniatures, with everything in between were on show. 

Although the weather in the week up to the show had been far from ideal, with strong winds and rain, there were lots of  exhibits all of excellent quality giving the judges a difficult task to identify the winners in each class.  Other exhibits of spring bulbs and flowers made a colourful and interesting display, enhanced by the pot plants, orchids and vegetables which were also on show.

Floral art exhibits were of a particularly high standard with beautiful arrangements in each of the three classes the winner of the ‘Be my Valentine’ class was a sumptuous arrangement of red roses and purple lysianthus.  The ‘Spring Fever’ class featured an arrangement of tulips, daffodils, skimmia and muscari in a foliage lined wicker basket, whilst the petite was won by a delicate arrangement of ribes and muscari in a small wine glass.

Intricate and accomplished exhibits made up the handicraft classes with excellent skills demonstrated in knitting and needlework.  The cookery classes were also well supported with some mouth-watering cakes and preserves.   The three photography classes attracted high quality entrants with some very different interpretations of the class titles!

In the children’s classes the Society was very pleased to see over thirty entrants from the Ist Felpham Beaver Scouts in the marzipan sweets classes producing three worthy winners.  The many other classes for 7 years and under and 8-14 years produced excellent entries and demonstrated the creativity of the youngsters.  The Society is keen to encourage the participation of more children and some schedules showing what they can enter in our Flower and Produce Show in August can be obtained from the Bognor Regis Library for anyone interested.

Overall, all classes were well supported, the winner of the  most outstanding horticultural exhibit, was also the winner of best daffodil class, for a vase of up to nine stems of  mixed daffodils and narcissus. 

Well over 150 adults and children visited the show enjoying the visual experience of the exhibits and the unmistakable fragrance of spring!  The tombola and raffle were very well supported as were the plant and cake stalls with many visitors also taking advantage of the opportunity for sit down with a hot drink and biscuit.


general view 
General view of Spring Show 2017