Aide Memoir for Shows

Preparing for a Show

Rules and Tips for Exhibitors can be found in the Show Schedule. Please read these carefully and in particular the notes at the top of each section.

Things you will need to hold flowers in vases:

  • Oasis suitable for fresh flowers – or
  • Scrumpled wet newspaper – or
  • Wire mesh.

Oasis can be obtained from local florists and nurseries. Soak oasis in advance and bring with you ready to use.

If using oasis you will need:

  • Knife to cut to fit into vase. Size can be ascertained by upturning vase on oasis to leave an indentation.
  • Skewer or thin stick to start a hole for the flower stalks which may not be strong enough to push through particularly daffodils which have an easily splayed stalk.

Scissors and/or secateurs particularly if displaying hardwood shrubs.

You might like to use a bucket with a small amount of water to keep flowers fresh whilst in transit /waiting to be displayed or wet newspaper around the ends of the flower stalks. Cut off plastic milk bottles with a little water are also a good idea. If displaying small items e.g. pansy, fuschia flowers then small plastic containers with lids are useful to hold them securely and avoid crushing.

Schedule: you will need this to remind you of the number of the class you have entered enabling you to easily locate the place to dispay your exhibit in the hall.

Do make sure you are complying with the instructions for the class you are entering, particularly maximum sizes for craft items, pots and number of blooms.

Once at the hall:

There are tables provided to arrange exhibits on. Keep your area as tidy as possible and take special care with water – any spillages must be wiped up immediately with paper towels from the kitchen.

Find the area for your flower exhibits where there will be an appropriate vase available unless it has been advised in the schedule that there are special instructions in that class. Don’t forget to put water in the vase to keep flowers fresh.

If entering a flower arrangement ensure your exhibit does not exceed 24 inches x 24 inches or in the case of the smaller arrangements the size that is stipulated in the schedule. Any oversized arrangements will be marked NAS (not according to schedule) and will therefore not be judged.

There are specific rules for vegetable sections in regard to number and display instructions and these can be found in the Schedule. Quality and uniformity is more important than quantity.

Cookery items also have specific display rules and these can be found alongside the class in the Schedule.

In the case of daffodil exhibits, if you are in doubt regarding type of daffodil there is detailed information regarding this in your Schedule.

All exhibits must be placed in the corresponding numbered class area and placed where you find your name card.

Once exhibits are placed you should turn your card over so your name is not showing.

Don’t be afraid to ask a steward or committee member if you have any questions.